Therapy for Reproductive Concerns

womanAre you grieving the loss of your child due to a recent miscarriage or other pregnancy loss?

Have you been trying to get pregnant but are discouraged, hopeless, and overwhelmed by the fertility treatment process?

Is your relationship suffering as you and your partner cope with the stress of fertility and/or pregnancy loss differently?

Fertility issues are surprising and unexpected. These challenges in the parenting process can be deeply painful, feel isolating, and challenge your financial, emotional, spiritual, and relational resources. Traveling from doctor to doctor and explaining your family situation to loved ones can be daunting. You may be uncertain where to turn or how to process all the emotions that come with the changing narrative of how you thought the parenting process would come to be in your life. You may be confused, angry, sad, and fearful about the future. Reconciling your expectations for parenthood with the experience of reproductive trauma can alter many aspects of your life (Jaffe & Diamond, 2010). You are not alone.

Reaching out individually or as a couple in a safe place to explore your feelings about the fertility process or pregnancy loss can help facilitate emotional healing and allow you to voice and work through your feelings about these experiences.